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Ways to Handle Postpartum Depression

TweetGiving birth is often a stressful experience, even though most new mothers anticipate this milestone with joy. Taking into account the overwhelming responsibilities, sleep deprivation and lack of sufficient “me-time’ involved, it is not shocking that many new mothers get depressed. In fact, there is a term assigned to this phenomenon- baby blues. Baby blues aren’t abnormal, but if the symptoms persist or worsen, you may be experiencing postpartum depression. What is the difference between(Read More)

Sneak Peak – Kicking Sick: Your Go-To Guide for Thriving with Chronic Health Conditions & Giveaway

TweetCertified health and wellness coach and author of Kicking Sick, Amy Kurtz shares a moment of change in her life. She has learned many things over the years about how to live her best life with chronic illness and would like to help you. The Beginning of the Pain One night after dance class when I was fourteen-years-old, I ran upstairs to my room. I wanted to do my homework as quickly as possible so I(Read More)

What To Do When Anxiety is a Problem

TweetWe all experience anxiety from time to time. Perhaps you worry you’ve left the stove on and have to drive home to check it, or maybe you’re someone who has an irrational fear of balloons. Either way, mild anxiety is normal and can even be quite amusing in the right context. The problem occurs when anxiety spirals and begins to dominate your waking thoughts. At this point, stress can begin to take a serious toll(Read More)

4 Essential Oils to Heal Digestive Issues

TweetLooking for essential oils to aid digestion? We eat food to provide energy and nutrients so our body can function properly. With each bite, our body goes through the digestive process to extract nutrients and energy. Digestion is a multifaceted process that breaks food into smaller molecules like proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins. From chewing food to the absorption of nutrients to the excretion of unwanted food particles, everything is part of digestion. However, many people(Read More)

How Sleep Affects Mental Health

TweetA majority of the general population suffer from chronic sleep disorders, and they have negative effects on our mental health. Many times, we ignore sleep in pursuit of success and economic stability. You have an impossible deadline, but you agree because you decide you can skip some sleep to get it done. Little do you know, skipping sleep does more harm than good and may affect your success more negatively than you realize. Sleep is essential for(Read More)