Ultrasounds and Feet: A Clubfoot Story

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I was 20 weeks along when we found out something was not quite right with CJ’s foot. 

The nurse who did the ultrasound couldn’t see her foot very well, so we were sent to another hospital with different equipment to see if they could pick anything up, but they had no luck either.  

It was not until the day she was born that the doctors confirmed that my daughter had a club foot.  

Some may think that being a new mom, I would have been freaked out by the diagnosis. But, because my mom and I have foot issues, I was used to it.  But, I had hoped the feet stuff would be done by now, but back to the story… 

We went through everything, talk of casts, boots, and how to care for CJ.   We also dealt with Hip Dysplasia, and I hated the harness, but thankfully we haven’t had to return to that.

We have seen many highs and lows through this journey.  We have learned many tips, questioned ourselves on how we’re taking care of CJ, and invested and wasted money for things that may or may not have helped along the way. 

There were many times I questioned if my now 2-year-old would reach milestones on time. She was born six weeks early; and was dealing with a cast that had to be changed every week and a harness for hip dysplasia.  Later, she had to wear boots that keep her feet locked up for three months and had to sleep with them at night! 

Needless to say, CJ is on track now, practically running everywhere, talking my ear off about the shows she watches on tv, church, and her grandparents.  And, she also just recently counted to five all by herself, and she is only 2!

I have never been more proud of someone as I am my daughter.  
 She is living proof that even in the midst of struggle, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, a peak to every mountain, and an end to every road.  Hang on, press on, it’s already a little easier than it was a few seconds ago. 

Today’s guest poster is Kayla, who blogs at Ponsetis & Pigtails.  If you would like to follow our journey and find some great tips and recipes stop on by!  

7 thoughts on “Ultrasounds and Feet: A Clubfoot Story

  1. My mom had club foot when she was born! She had to wear braces, then special shoes. Her feet are still turned a bit, but it's amazing what they can do for things like this!
    – Brittany @ ASouthernCeliac

  2. We found out at 28 weeks that our son is going to born with two clubfeet. At first we were questioning why this would happen to our sweet little boy, but we know God has a plan. I'm currently 38 weeks along and waiting for him to get here. It was a shock at first, but we will love him just as much as if he was fine.

  3. Good morning! Congratulations on your little boy! Such a blessing! I bet you can't wait to meet him! Clubfeet can be a scary diagnosis at first, but it sounds like you have a wonderful outlook! I will pass this along to Kayla! Thank you for reading! Cheers to you!

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