3 Gift Ideas for the Clubfoot Cutie on your List

Do you have a clubfoot cutie on your holiday list? Wondering what would be a useful gift for them or their parents?

Great, you’ve come to the right place.

3 Gift Ideas for the Clubfoot Cutie on your Holiday List

Here are three practical gifts for a clubfoot kiddo!

Pajama Sets

From the time your baby gets their first pair of casts on until the time they “graduate” from wearing the boots and bar, pajama choices can be limited.

I’ve seen tutorials of how to cut out the feet of sleepers to make them work for clubfeet kids, but, at the end of the day its extra work.

I tried it a couple times and still found it tricky to wiggle their little feet into the jammies.

Frankly, by bedtime, I’m tired and just want to dress them into pajamas as fast as possible!

The type of pajamas I adore for my clubfeet guys are the tight shirt and pant sets.

You can find them all over nowadays (they were harder to find 5 years ago with my older son) and they work great.

Not only that, but they come in a variety of fabrics so you can find the perfect one for your climate.

Leg Warmers

Keeping casts clean can be tricky and these are perfect for that stage.

These are great for the warmer months when you want to keep the casts covered to stay as clean as possible, but don’t want your baby to get too hot and are wonderful in the winter months for that added layer of warmth.

The best part?

They “grow” with the baby, so they can be used until their preschool years. Of course, the length and fit will change but they are a useful gift for many years!

Clubfoot Bar Cover

My older clubfoot cutie really took a “bite” out of his crib during the boots/braces phase.

He thought it was the funniest thing to kick his crib rails with his brace.

All giggles aside, by the time he was done, his crib looked like some type of wild animal lived in it!

That is where Peek-a-Boo clubfoot covers come in. They have come up with an awesome cover to put over the bar to not only look adorable but also help put a damper on the loudness and damage those little kickers can do to a crib with those boots and bar on! I’ve found a few places that make these on Etsy!


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