Pregnant? Add a Shoehorn to Your List…

If you’ve ever been pregnant, you’ll  know what I’m talking about. Actually, even if you’ve been around a pregnant woman, you’ll understand. At a certain point in those lovely nine months, everything is hard.

Breathing, eating, sleeping without peeing every 30 minutes. Getting dressed is one thing that becomes nearly impossible.

For me, the hard part was putting on my shoes.

Pregnant? Add a Shoe horn To Your List

My older boys tried to help, and though they are cute when they use all their strength and get nowhere, I needed a way to do it myself.

Of course, no one talks about this pregnancy issue in the magazines, blog posts, and boutiques.

I’m not the most creative thinker, so this was a problem.

One day, my husband, while laughing at me, said, “hmmm, maybe a shoehorn would help.”  

Ding, ding, ding, of course! That is an awesome suggestion! Why hadn’t I thought of it?

He walked over to the closet and got his for me.

The only problem? It was short.

I could see how this would help, but it needed to be longer.

After searching the web for a bit, I found what I was looking for on Vive Health.

Vive Health has a 24” long shoehorn that is perfect to “easily slip into shoes without bending over, relieving aching backs, hips, and knees.”

The best part? It comes with a lifetime warranty!

This shoehorn is perfect for those last few weeks of pregnancy when shoes are required but your body is just not having it!

What is a Shoehorn?

A shoehorn is a long, curved piece of plastic, used to help put your shoes on without having to bend or reach over.

It is perfect for pregnancy, the elderly, those with disabilities that make bending hard and anyone with back, knee, and hip problems.

How to Use

  1. Place your foot into the shoe
  2. Put the shoehorn in the heel of the shoe
  3. Slide your foot down and pull the shoehorn out

I must admit, I hadn’t even thought of using a shoehorn to help during pregnancy.

I’ve always watched my Dad, brother and husband use them to put on their fancy shoes!

Additional Details

Easy grip handle – grip is hollow and round, making it easy to get grip strength necessary to put on shoes.

Made with ultra-strong plastic – the plastic is durable, sturdy and guaranteed not to break during use.

Gently curved – prevents damage to shoes and provides comfort to the user.

If this is a tool you know you need, it costs $12.95, which is a great price for helping you do something you have to do, sometimes multiple times a day! You can also find it on

Video Demonstration 

If you are looking for mobility aids, foot care, supports and more, check out Vive Health. You can follow them on Twitter and find them on Facebook too!

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 

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